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I was in 5 pastures today taking candid's of more horses and mules than I could count. The mind and character of these animals is second to none. I got more cuddles today than I've had in a long time. It was a pleasure to work with your fine animal Dwayne & Lori.

Tracy K.

This is Twinkie I got her at the Jake Clark Mule sale 2yrs ago today. She has been one of the best mules I have ridden. I loved her so much I actually bought her little sister. These2 mules are from Canada. Thank you so much Dwayne and Lori Chute!! Very Very happy happy with mules!!

Dwayne and Lorie these 2 girls are great really smart and just calm and sweet. They both act like they've been broke for years. And Really this is ditto to the first time out on the desert. Couldn't be happier! Lori P.

Dwayne & Lori Chute up here in Canada raise Hancock bred mules. They are the nicest I have seen anywhere! Incredible program!!

Dwayne & Lori Chute have the most incredible mules I have ever seen!!!

If anyone is in the market for a young horse or mule I strongly suggest you check out Dwayne & Lori Chute at Rafter 7 Quarter horses and mules. These incredibly nice and knowledgeable people have done all the right things in their breeding program to give you the attributes of an animal that you will be able to enjoy for a long time due to the bodies that they have to go along with great minds. To go along with this, their pretty fancy dressers as far as colour is concerned!! I don't usually go on about too many breeding programs as most don't have the consistency of quality that these do. Check them out!! You won't be disappointed!!

I have 2 mules from them. And I live in Utah made the trip to North Dakota to pick one up. I had gotten the other at the Jake Clark sale in Wyoming and these 2 mules are sisters. They are well built and just great mules to be around. And they are gorgeous have had a ton of people tell me how nice they are. So if you don't have a mule please get one from them. You won't be disappointed

My name is Lorie and from Utah drove to North Dakota to pick up a mule from Dwayne and Lori. She was a 3 year old. Which we have her full sister that is a 4 year old. Twinkie and Ditto. Gorgeous and well behaved mules. The mules from this good couple are excellent couldn't be happier. Hope you decide to get a couple and are as happy as I am.

Just picked up Holly. "CC Platte N Holly" just arrived from Rafter 7 Quarter Horses in Saskatchewan. WOW! Nice mare Thanks Dwayne & Lori Chute. Just got home, 6 hours of snow covered 401, well worth the trip. What a beautiful mare! Got any more like her? Hip, head, and big eyes the quality of our horses has just improved as she walked in the barn.

John - Ontario, Canada

Just got Buck home, looks great. I find it amazing that a 2year old can trailer for 6 days and 3 strange farms and still be so calm.

Pat - Massachusetts, USA

Hello Folks, Love this horse. He's so different than the other horses I've started.

Pat - Massachusetts, USA

Yesterday we went to visit Dusty and see how is training going. According to Julia, the trainer, Dusty is doing very well, he doesn't buck at all very sweet and lovely, catching up very fast with all the commands. Over all she is very happy with him!!!Tomorrow Dusty is joining us after 2 months of training, he was a very good student and he is very good. Dusty has progressed really well in his training. He never bucked, he rides really well.

A & M - Saskatoon, Sask

He is growing, going to be a nice size and was really easy to halter break he's pretty smart!

Darren - Saskatchewan, Canada

Hello there, Rose is doing really well. Her and I get along really well (we both seem to have same mind set). She is very quick and really likes to cover ground even at a walk which works out good for cow checking. Rose had been awesome in our "riding ring" if we can call it that, to help teach our 6 year old Seth.Blair - Saskatchewan, Canada

My husband and I purchased RS Stylin Tarvr Heir, a Blue Roan stud colt, from Rafter 7 last year. The friendly, helpful hospitality of Lori and Dwayne was much appreciated and Tarvr is growing up to be an outstanding example of foundation quarter horse - beautiful, powerful and gentle. We are so very pleased with him and will definitely consider Rafter 7 for future purchases."- Wendy BC, Canada

I can say he is very tame , great disposition. (blue roan stud)
Berne - Alberta, Canada

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